Winter has settled over Old Mission and Leelanau peninsulas like a cozy sweater. The changing seasons give our beautiful region a new look every few months, and winter is not to be missed!

Whether you’re a local looking for something to get you out of the house, or only around for a short while, winter is one of the best times to explore local vineyards for a number of reasons. The breathtaking panorama of heavy, thick snow on the rolling hills and vines is certainly one of them. One of our favorite stops, Chateau Chantal, offers a unique opportunity to see both West and East Bay from just one place. Owners Bob and Nadine Begin actually picked the spot of the winery while cross-country skiing one snowy winter decades ago. Pausing for a moment as they reached the top of the sinuous ridge, they looked to either side and discovered the perfect place to be, and of course, not a bad spot at all for one of the most special wineries around.

A little further south, quite near to the entrance to Chateau Grand Traverse, you won’t want to miss a chance to pull over and snap a photo of West Bay, with row after row of vine behind you and the soft blue of freshwater over your shoulders. Just one of the perks of booking with Old Mission Tours is spending the day with a driver that knows all the unmissable spots along the way, and of course, there’s someone to take the photo!

The view from Bonobo Winery.

Winter is also a great chance to really learn about the craft of winemaking, as well as the nuances of wine tasting, without the large crowds and wait. Slip into a world-famous place like Brys Estates at your leisure and meet the staff, find out their own favorite vintages and creations, and take your time with someone special over a glass of something you now truly connect with. Winter traffic is light enough that the tasting room is often yours to enjoy, and there’s no better time spent than a few unhurried hours with friends in a beautiful place.

February and March are especially dynamic times to tour, with the weather often turning with the hour, let alone the day. An Old Mission Tour gives you the full experience and the ability to enjoy the drive, even when the snow starts to pile up. Don’t worry about the roads, or about your next stop, your dinner plans, and how you’re going to fit all your new favorite wines into the car when you get back from an unforgettable tour.

Not sure of when to go? We can certainly help. Old Mission Tours is here to help you plan your winter excursion, whether it’s an intimate night out or a full group of friends. We can accommodate as many winter wanderers that you can gather up. Let them know the views are unbeatable, the crowds are gone, and the planning is up to the experts at Old Mission Tours. We’ll see you soon!