TC Microbrew Festival Beer

The TC Microbrew and Music Festival offers a full weekend of fun in Traverse City, Michigan. Make it a part of your Northern Michigan vacation with us! 

Since 2009, the Microbrew and Music Festival has brought the best in craft beer to town. The festival celebrates the process and the people behind Michigan’s crafter beer scene. All of the very best companies are in attendance, offering festival-goers a rare chance to see all these great brands in a single spot. From all over the Mitten, the fun and flavor of our new biggest export is right here in Traverse City!

It’s about a lot more than beer and music, however. The festival supports a number of local non-profits from a variety of fields, ranging from Crosshatch to the City Opera House and from Clean Water Action to Bay Area Recycling for Charities. It’s an effort that reflects the focus on sustainability. That is always at the center of craft beer, and especially here in Traverse City. In many ways, the festival celebrates the Michigan way of life, centered around community, our environment, friends, and great beer.

For many people, the festival is one part of a full weekend. We have plenty of friends that join the festival for Friday or Saturday night. The next day they visit many of the local breweries they may have met at the festival the night before! It’s a unique opportunity to see these breweries in their own environs, especially right here in beautiful Northern Michigan. Our tours take you to meet the places and buildings where the famous craft beers are born.

You can learn more about the TC Microbrew and Music Festival right here.

Are you ready to book your private or join-in tour? Make your reservations now and let our expert, friendly drivers show you the best breweries, wineries and even distilleries in Traverse City. Let’s make is a weekend you’ll always remember!