3008, 2017

The Harvest Stompede Is Back!

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The Harvest Stompede is back in Leelanau County! Run, walk, or just sip wine, it’s a great time to be in Northern Michigan.  […]

1807, 2017

Wine and The Traverse City Film Festival

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With the Traverse City Film Festival kicking off this week, it’s a great time to enjoy Northern Michigan.  […]

2404, 2017

Get Out Of The Office: A Work Retreat Worth Taking

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You spend upwards of forty hours a week punched in. This spring, why not get your crew out of the office and out to someplace wonderful with a work retreat in the vines. We’re here to make it happen.

Summer is busy for everyone, we know. But your workplace deserves just a little bit of relaxation […]

1704, 2017

Lovin’ On Wine And Beer Labels In Northern Michigan

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Admit it, every once in a while you pick our your beer or wine based on the label. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Our pals at Rove Estates just unveiled the labels for their 2016 vintages, which will be available this weekend. With more and more wineries and breweries getting ready to roll […]

2103, 2017

Small Plates in Leelanau County Brings A Taste Of Tapas

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The next installment of the highly popular Small Plates brings you a great chance to explore Leelanau County.

We love showing off the incredible wineries of Leelanau County, and if there’s tapas involved, we’re even more excited! Small Plates is the best way to bring food and wine together, and on April 8, you get to […]

1602, 2017

A Lot of Love For Leelanau: The Northern Loop

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Our celebration of Leelanau Peninsula rolls on, and after taking a look at the beautiful Sleeping Bear Loop, we look a little further north for a few vineyards and cider houses that brush up to the very tip of the Peninsula. Veteran wine connoisseur or eager adventurer, Old Mission Tour brings you the best of a truly unforgettable place in the world. […]

2807, 2016

Traverse City Wine & Food Pairings

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Traverse City winery tours are a great way to learn about wine and food pairings.


Even if you’re familiar with the art of matching wine to food to enhance the flavors, there is always so much more to learn – and let’s face it: Experiencing the taste yourself on Traverse City winery tours is much more […]

2403, 2016

Spring Break Traverse City Wine Tours

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Spring break is time to unwind and enjoy a little sightseeing. If you’re a local or visiting Northern Michigan, Traverse City wine tours or wine & beer tours are a fantastic way to see the area.

It’s always a delightful getaway on the Old Mission Peninsula, where there are plenty of places to stay and enjoy […]

1603, 2016

Traverse City Wine & Beer Tours

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Trying to convince beer-loving friends or family to go with you on Traverse City wine tours? There’s much more than wine on Traverse City’s Old Mission Peninsula and in Leelanau County.


Microbreweries are growing in popularity all across the country and our beautiful region of Northern Michigan is no exception. Old Mission Tours is pleased to […]

502, 2016

Traverse City Wine Tours – Perfect for Your Anniversary

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Searching for the perfect idea for an anniversary gift? Traverse City wine tours are a wonderful way to celebrate your special milestone.


You could surprise your loved one with a custom-designed Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsula wine tour – maybe turned into a romantic getaway for a few days – or you could carefully select your […]